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John Green

My advice to the college journalists: Show your personality

What the journalism world needs now more than ever aren’t new apps, forms, or business models. It needs professionals dedicated to the ideals of journalism who would do anything to tell the stories they know people need to hear. Legacy media traditions, such as deadlines, print schedules, and even objective, won’t hinder those with this drive, and they’ll also be the most capable and qualified to create journalism innovations.

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Using Storify to remember Bin Laden’s historic death

Like so many people, I turned to social media last night when I learned the U.S. had killed Osama bin Laden. Frankly, I learned more from my friends tweets, retweets, photos, and posts than I did watching an hour of NBC’s coverage. I used Storify to create a record of a historic event that I didn’t ever want to forget.

By no means is this comprehensive. It represents only the messages that came under my radar, but I’m excited about the possibilities Storify presents, and what a service such as this means for traditional reporting. This could be one way to create collaboration between reporters and audiences through the application of journalistic principles, while also preserving the audience’s voice.

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Carnival of Journalism: J Schools should test, model what editors wish they could do

Universities need to push the journalism envelope when the industry cannot.

They need to test the innovations because they can afford to fail. Failure is often a good lesson for students. To make it all worthwhile, however, universities must do a better job reaching out to the industry and providing more than an ample supply of interns. Journalism researchers and professors must overcome our fear to step back into the newsroom. We must realize the industry is hungry for what we have to offer.

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Should I steer my son away from a journalism career?

If my son is really interested in an information dissemination career, I’d encourage him to strike off on his own. Create his own information channel. Disregard the rules the legacy media has arbitrarily set. If he does, I think he’ll be far more successful and fulfilled.

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Mac freeware for journalists: Google Voice lets you chuck the rolodex

At first glance, I thought GoogleVoice was Google’s way to steal someone’s good idea. Unlike GoogleWave, however, Voice is useful, unobtrusive, and perfect for people like me who think the Web’s the best Rolodex. Whenever I want to make a call now, I just Google the person and click on the blue phone number that appears. I even Googled my own house the other day.

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WOUB panel ‘pros’ should ask ‘amateurs’ for new media tips

Veteran journalist Martin Savidge admits that media professionals don’t know how to use social media, so with this post I’d like to introduce him and the other participants in WOUB’s NewsWatch InDepth panel to people like Scott Johnson.

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Improving transparency, credibility with Twittter, email

Can news organizations use links to real people, either through Twitter or e-mail, to improve their credibility? My newswriting class makes me believe it’s possible. I’d like to see a news organization try my in-class experiment and add identifiers to all the sources quoted in the stories because I really think it could enhance their relationship with their audiences and their credibility.

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Google Analytics: A simple way to drive yourself nuts

My first goal should be to provide good information or at least an interesting and as accurately reported as possible take on online issues. Sure, I can do a few simple things to ensure the crawlers find me, but that cannot be my only goal. In fact, I’d like to think that if I do a good job on the most important mission of this blog, the rest will take care of itself. Even as I study my analytics, I’m finding that my best referrers aren’t even the search engines.The best source of visits is the network of friends and family I have created in real life and online.

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