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#FAIL, #JCARN: Journalists should learn to ‘fail informatively’

What I have to remember from my failures as a newspaper editor is that if I always waited until I was 100 % sure of all the information I published, I would have never published anything. That’s why David Cohn’s quote really sticks with me. I thought of it immediately when he suggested this month’s topic. I wish I had his conviction that a failure is a success as long as it’s informative.

This should serve as a warning to my students at Ohio University then. If you take my classes, expect to fail. In fact, I want you to try to fail. Don’t go for the safe projects. Go for the crazy ones because you won’t regret the failure. You’ll regret never trying in the first place.

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#JCARN: The Web can be a ‘third place’ to expand news sources

Just like walking into a coffee shop and approaching a stranger for a comment, it takes guts to rely on information from sources found online. We have to work to overcome the stigma attached to Web content. Not everyone who opens himself up online has an axe to grind or is a shameless self-promoter. Most of them are average citizens who love where they live and work. They get together online, just as they would at a real world third place, to connect with others that feel the same.

Journalists need to be part of that conversation.

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