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#JCARN: Journalism innovation needs direction, not desperation

Knight and Reynolds are in unique positions to drive innovation. Their focus on journalism as central to a democracy will ensure that whatever innovations they sponsor will serve communities. But they must go beyond simply funding projects. They need to drive innovation by drawing upon their vast experience and resources to suggest the course innovation will take.

I learned this lesson the hard way as an educator. It’s not enough for me to hand my students a toolbox without telling them what I expect them to build.

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Newspapers, magazines should realize it’s worth it to subscribe through iTunes

What would news organizations give for a system that would handle subscriptions for them effortlessly? Is it worth 30 % of revenue?
That’s what Apple seems to be asking right now from big media house such as Time Inc. who want to sell iPad magazine subscriptions. I admit I don’t know all the details. I also understand the need to access and mine subscriber data. I know Apple can be a control freak that isn’t willing to compromise.
But I still have to ask if publishers shouldn’t be willing to give a little to get something invaluable.

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iPad magazines should connect, not strand us

Even as I struggle to keep up with all my social media accounts, I know what Khoi Vihn is saying about iPad magazines is true. The power of the Web and Web-enabled devices such as the iPad isn’t in distributing content. It’s in connecting us to each other. Our idea to create a class that teaches online publishing isn’t a bad one. We just need to make sure that it’s not about creating a publication first, and a community second. It should be about delivering news in the ways people want it and the ways that allow them to bond with it and each other.

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Replacing your cell phone with an iPad

I’m going to test if modern man can live without a cell phone in the age of Twitter, Facebook, voicemail forwarded to email and a little doohickey called an iPad. I present my game plan for how I’m going to make it work.

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ABC could determine iPad’s impact on magazines, newspapers

I echo the comments of price on the Daily Tech story: Why do I have to pay $1.99 each issue when I can get a paper subscription for $12. I’m not even going to go into whether it costs the companies any more to create an iPad edition than a print one. What I’d like to focus on instead is what might be stopping the industry, and based on my newspaper experience I have to think its as simple as ABC.

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Cannibalization: Can newspapers and the Web coexist?

This was supposed to be a short post. My goal was to drive some traffic to the introductory video I put together when I came to Ohio University last fall. But as I watched it again to make sure everything worked, I couldn’t up but think about the question it poses and how it relates to the current media environment. Does a newspaper’s Web site steal audience from its printed counterpart?

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iPad solves textbook rip off scam

If the goal of education is really sharing information and inspiring thought, free or low-cost textbooks must be available. One day, I hope to write a text, and I’m seriously going to consider offering an interactive version that’s available for free download.

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Does iPad solve the mobile journalist’s dilemma?

In all the handwringing about whether the iPad will get more people to read the newspaper and more subscription fees in news organization pockets, we’ve forgotten about how the iPad might really save journalism. The iPad might be the ultimate tool for mobile journalism.

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Predictions of Kindle’s, other deaths are greatly exaggerated

I’ll keep blogging and using Google Reader. As much as I’d love to get an iPad, I’m not going to write off the possibilities of the Kindle either. It just doesn’t make sense until I look beyond my own experience and try to understand why someone uses one on his or her own terms.

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Don’t count on iPad to save or democratize news

What I’m really hoping the iPad does, however, is demonstrate that people are willing and ready to switch to digital delivery. Then other companies will get the hint and start developing less expensive and more open platforms to ensure news gets to as many people as possible. In fact, devices like the iPad will have be as ubiquitous as paper if digital delivery is to save publishing and promote democracy.

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