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Attending #ONA11 to learn social media from Facebook, Twitter pros

Attending #ONA11 to learn social media from Facebook, Twitter pros

It has been a while since my last update, but I’ve been inspired recently. Here’s why: I’m teaching J314/514: Online Journalism Fundamentals again. I force my students to blog twice a week. I guess I should practice what I preach. 1,000 Awesome Things had this nostalgic post a few days ago that helped me remember […]

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Facebook bridges gap until you can bring Hatch Family Chocolates home

It just goes to show you that you can’t get to know someone from TV, and you can’t celebrate a birthday with virtual chocolates. I can’t wait until I get home tomorrow so we can eat the 12-pack I bought.

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Post’s insight into terror suspect drawn from online posts

I highlight this story, not just because it’s the most read and e-mailed on the Post Web site today. I really hope the success of this story makes journalists more aware of what’s going on online. I hope it helps them see that real conversations occur online, not just ones between people pretending to be someone else. Journalists need to focus on true, verifiable information, but this doesn’t not preclude posts from Facebook and discussion boards. Journalists also should not just turn to the Web when the suspect is high profile. In fact, I’m going to talk to my students about turning to the Web for almost all of their sources. A Web search won’t replace a good, face-to-face interview, but it can provide context and background when information isn’t readily available.

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The difference two letters make: Tiny.url vs. bit.ly

So am I being alarmist in thinking bit.ly’s supplanting of tiny.url on Facebook is a conspiracy of Big Brother proportions? Yeah, probably. I’m thinking it’s more about saving two letters from the 140 Twitter offers on the 200 or so that fit in the newsfeed on Facebook. In fact, I applaud the innovation.

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Mafia Wars, Farmville demonstrate strength of online connections

It’s amazing how a little social networking game can bring people together. For a gamer, like me, I think it’s especially significant, because for too long I’ve felt cloistered in my gaming pursuits. What I mean is that usually I play games with the same group. We’re the geeks who calculate the damage of wielding two long swords instead of a halberd. Now, however, I’m playing with the cool kids, and as silly as it sounds, it feels good.

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