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Follow AOL! Disable your spam filter!

I understand spammers are active. I understand they are persistent. But if I can combat them on my little old blog with a free add-on, it’s ridiculous that AOL can’t. Any organization that enables comments on its site must have a spam blocking solution even if it means actually hiring someone to read the comments. It’s basic Internet etiquette.

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Sick Day rants: Lowe’s, PBS, and

I was home tending to a sick wife and sick children. But I still could have snuck away for 30 minutes to post because I had a lot of time to think sitting on the couch watching hours of PBS Kids. My thoughts included adapting PBS’s underwriting model to news, revamping to create community and using over Pandora.

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Esquire’s ‘augmented reality’ is just a gimmick

Actually, the additional content isn’t bad, but why do I need to hold up my magazine to get it. Why wouldn’t I just sit at my computer and call up Esquire’s Web site? If I have to get on the computer anyway, why do I need the magazine?

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Best way to learn online journalism? Start a blog

I’ve been working on this post for a couple of days, but I keep getting interrupted. In fact, I was about halfway finished Friday when one of the bright master’s students in my Online Journalism class popped into my office. He had a pressing question about his future, not just in the class, but in […]

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Freedom Fighters

The core values of the Freedom Communications are integrity, community, self-responsibility, life-long learning, and respect for individual freedom. These are principles by which I try to live. When Freedom announced two weeks ago that it was declaring chapter 11 bankruptcy, I had to ask myself if my paperweight had suddenly become outdated.

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