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John Green

My advice to the college journalists: Show your personality

What the journalism world needs now more than ever aren’t new apps, forms, or business models. It needs professionals dedicated to the ideals of journalism who would do anything to tell the stories they know people need to hear. Legacy media traditions, such as deadlines, print schedules, and even objective, won’t hinder those with this drive, and they’ll also be the most capable and qualified to create journalism innovations.

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Celebrate the drive of a Silicon Valley pirate; RIP Steve Jobs

Apple owes much of its success to its refusal to accept the status quo, and it owes that philosophy to Steve Jobs. As a journalism educator, I’m trying to instill that same entrepreneurial spirit in my students.

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Using Storify to remember Bin Laden’s historic death

Like so many people, I turned to social media last night when I learned the U.S. had killed Osama bin Laden. Frankly, I learned more from my friends tweets, retweets, photos, and posts than I did watching an hour of NBC’s coverage. I used Storify to create a record of a historic event that I didn’t ever want to forget.

By no means is this comprehensive. It represents only the messages that came under my radar, but I’m excited about the possibilities Storify presents, and what a service such as this means for traditional reporting. This could be one way to create collaboration between reporters and audiences through the application of journalistic principles, while also preserving the audience’s voice.

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Carnival of Journalism makes journalists, educators, editors talk to each other

It was gratifying to see the amount of participation based on Cohn’s first summary post. A number of friends, colleagues and former students at the University of Missouri responded. What I appreciated most about the carnival, especially after reading most of the first 50 or so posts, is how Cohn is encouraging us to practice what we preach. He brought so many people together from so many different places that I’m confident positive change will come from our discussion. I know I will at least make better contacts and add some new ideas to the way I teach journalism. I’ve added at least half a dozen new blogs to my Shrook account.

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Today Show, viral video can’t be reduced to a formula

Look I don’t have a problem with journalists cracking a joke here and there (see my posts on Brian Williams), but The Today Show is only making fun of their sources and their audience at the same time in their new Today Goes Viral series. Viral video creators like Tompkins and Fong respect their source material. Even more, they respect their audience.

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Mac freeware for journalists: Google Voice lets you chuck the rolodex

At first glance, I thought GoogleVoice was Google’s way to steal someone’s good idea. Unlike GoogleWave, however, Voice is useful, unobtrusive, and perfect for people like me who think the Web’s the best Rolodex. Whenever I want to make a call now, I just Google the person and click on the blue phone number that appears. I even Googled my own house the other day.

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Brian Williams must recognize citizen journalism to connect

I don’t want to see Brian Williams saying the pros no longer have jobs. I just want to see him give the audience a bit more credit. He seems to get other aspects of the new journalism, such as when he encouraged his audience to DVR his newscasts or when he made appearances on SNL and 30 Rock.

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A future of news ‘kickers’? It’s likely Fwix CEO says

No matter how busy I get (and I’ve been pretty swamped lately), I always try to find time to read mindless fiction. My wife recommended the book I just finished, Extras by Scott Westerfeld, because she said it’s basically about journalists. After reading it and hearing an online news wunkerkind speak to one of my classes, I won’t just agree. I say it’s prophetic.

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Mashable teaches MSM the power of links

Maybe I’m making a big deal over nothing. Is a link really be as significant as I’m trying to make it? Probably not. The point of this post and my blog, however, is to provide examples when the media gets it, when they understand how to use the Internet for news. All Thursday’s innovative approaches to the plane crash coverage, however, disappoint when they do not allow audiences to make connections themselves.

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Don’t count on iPad to save or democratize news

What I’m really hoping the iPad does, however, is demonstrate that people are willing and ready to switch to digital delivery. Then other companies will get the hint and start developing less expensive and more open platforms to ensure news gets to as many people as possible. In fact, devices like the iPad will have be as ubiquitous as paper if digital delivery is to save publishing and promote democracy.

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