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#JCARN: Journalism innovation needs direction, not desperation

Knight and Reynolds are in unique positions to drive innovation. Their focus on journalism as central to a democracy will ensure that whatever innovations they sponsor will serve communities. But they must go beyond simply funding projects. They need to drive innovation by drawing upon their vast experience and resources to suggest the course innovation will take.

I learned this lesson the hard way as an educator. It’s not enough for me to hand my students a toolbox without telling them what I expect them to build.

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Sick Day rants: Lowe’s, PBS, and

I was home tending to a sick wife and sick children. But I still could have snuck away for 30 minutes to post because I had a lot of time to think sitting on the couch watching hours of PBS Kids. My thoughts included adapting PBS’s underwriting model to news, revamping to create community and using over Pandora.

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