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I’m going to draw upon one of my classes again today because I don’t think I could have described this situation any better than they did. Last week,, the high profile Las Vegas Sun project led by Rob Curley, announced that after just four months it was halting producing of its glitzy weekly news/entertainment […]

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Best way to learn online journalism? Start a blog

I’ve been working on this post for a couple of days, but I keep getting interrupted. In fact, I was about halfway finished Friday when one of the bright master’s students in my Online Journalism class popped into my office. He had a pressing question about his future, not just in the class, but in […]

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Rooney’s Replacement: Lewis Black

Actually, I think the perfect replacement, based on the outstanding work he has done on The Daily Show is Lewis Black. He’s a bit edgier that Rooney, but he’ll attract an entirely new audience for the network. I’d start tuning in again for more reasons that the start of the Amazing Race was pushed back by football. A new generation needs to see the good work correspondents such as Scott Pelley, Steve Kroft, Leslie Stahl, Byron Pitts, Bob Simon and Lara Logan are doing. But it’s less likely to happen as long as Rooney’s in his old roost.

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OchoCinco finds good use for Twitter

At least half a dozen items on my list of blogging have to do with Twitter. But what finally gets me off my butt to discuss the journalistic implications of this technology, again: Chad OchoCinco. Seems like the Cincinnati Bengals receiver used Twitter to plan his Lambeau Leap on Sunday. At least that’s what Jim […]

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Pioneer succumbs to economy?

I know I’m a little behind on this one, but I had to mention it. I should have publicly questioned the Bakersfield California‘s plan to combine its Northwest and Southwest Voice citizen journalism sites because the merger reduced the resources dedicated to working with citizen reporters and cost the organization a dedicated editor who had […]

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Freedom Fighters

The core values of the Freedom Communications are integrity, community, self-responsibility, life-long learning, and respect for individual freedom. These are principles by which I try to live. When Freedom announced two weeks ago that it was declaring chapter 11 bankruptcy, I had to ask myself if my paperweight had suddenly become outdated.

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Welcome to!

I finally made the jump and bought some server space. (Actually, I’ve had it for about a year, but I finally decided to use it.) The reason I tell everyone is now that I’m no longer a graduate student, Mizzou’s going to cut me off. Really, I just think it’s cool to own my own […]

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