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Professor and parent: A connection worth studying

Just a quick shout out to Della Winters, an Ohio University graduate student, who for her thesis has selected a topic close to my heart (and an excuse to post the picture above).

To earn her Master’s Degree in sociology, Della has created the following survey to …

“examin(e) the way in which parenthood influences the careers of faculty members at Ohio University … The survey asks questions about childbearing decisions, work-family balance, and the university culture. The study has the potential to inform family policies at the University level. With the escalating need for two-income households and the increasing number of women obtaining Ph.D.s, the issue of balancing work and family within Academia is moving to the forefront of policy issues.”

I took the survey, and I’m interested in the results because I love my family, and I love my job, but I have to admit there are times when I feel they conflict. Maybe it’s the holiday season where I’m looking at grading or creating training materials while my children are out of school, but I think it’s a valuable question that needs to be addressed.

For all my readers who are Ohio University faculty, I encourage you to take the study. I’ve been where Della is trying to collect data. I’d love to open it up to all my friends who are parents and university faculty, but I just went through the survey and it seems it’s pretty specific to Ohio.

One other reason I’m posting this is I’m trying to encourage my wife to start a Twitter page with an idea she’s had for a while. People make a lot of interesting comments to her while she’s out with our four children. I’ve told her she needs to start sharing them a la “S*#t My Dad Says.” We’re thinking of calling it  You’ve Sure Got Your Hands Full”.

PhotoCredit: This is one of my favorite shots from my Ph.D. graduation last December. I’m not sure why Holly was crying, but she ran to my arms as soon as she saw me.


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